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If you are looking for a nice adventure game with an awesome role-playing features. Imperian will be one of the best games which will suit to you. Imperian is a text-based game. Since it is text based, it won’t take too much review points from us for Graphics. However there is a huge world lying in this game and we believe that fantasy role-play fans should discover this beautiful world. You need to love to write and read if you would like to play Imperian. You can be a merchant, warrior, housewife, fisherman, explorer or a hunter or anything you want to role-play. You can find anything on Imperian’s fantasy world which are existing in real world. You will get hungry, get thirsty, meet with people with different races, battle with them, you will sell your items, read in libraries, own a shop and home etc. You will find more at the game. Imperian is a MUD game, however developers of the game has created their own clients for providing web-based service. You can also play this game with your iOS and Android devices.

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Imperian Gameplay

You will start the game with picking a race for yourself. There are many unique races in the game such as Xiur, Lamira, Kohdon, Ssylsin, Tanari, etc. At the beginning of the game, you will have a chance to change your race. We recommend you to get information about the races and their advantages. Each race will give you some different specs. After you picked your race, you will need to select your profession which you will have in the game. There is a war between Anti-Magick, Magick and Demonic communities in the game. Think about your profession wisely before you select one. You will see description of each classes in the game. The game has awesome story and you will even find a serious historical books and history recordings in the game about the fantasy world.

After you pick all necessary stuffs, your adventure will begin. There is a good tutorial at the beginning of the game which will help you to understand concept of the game. You can always ask for help from experienced users in the game. You can play this game in web browsers and you can also prefer to use Mud Clients. You can be a combatant, scholar, explorer in the game. If you love to read books, you can go to libraries and you can read nice stories about this fantasy world. You can also learn more about how to use the client of the game with clicking here.

Imperian Screenshots


Gameranks Review

Score: 77

Story: 100

Gameplay: 75

Support: 90

Item Variety: 80

Graphics: 40

Community: 72


  • Creating a life for a fantasy character on a game is really awesome idea.
  • When you used to play this game, it makes you feel like you are in a fantasy world.
  • You can create families, houses, shops. You can go fishing, swimming, eating, talking with friends, drink with friends in the game.
  • It is forbidden to talk about real world in the game.
  • There are libraries and tons of books which has been written by Imperian users.
  • There are many good unique races in the game.


  • Mud games are very hard to play. If you love graphics, this game is not for you. However if you are looking for a fantasy role-play game, you will love Imperian.
  • There are much experience bonus on the game which helps newbies to get 100th level easily.
  • Unfortunately you are not going to have much armor and weapon options in the game.

Minimum Requirements for Browser: Intel Pentium 3 600Mh, VGA 3D Acceleration Graphic Card, 512 MB RAM